// Catalogue of OKPOL products - roof windows and skylights











// Catalogue of OKPOL products - flat roof windows

 Product Specification
Product Specification
Top-hung window IGKV E2
Top-hung window IGKV N22
Top-hung window ISK I3
Top-hung window VSK E3
Centre-pivot window ISO I3
Centre-pivot window ISO I6
Centre-pivot window ISO E3
Centre-pivot window VSO E3
Centre-pivot window VSO E2
Centre-pivot window TSO E1
Centre-pivot window VGO E3
Centre-pivot window VGO E2
Window with electric motor ISC2 E2
Window with electric motor ISC1 E2
High-pivot window VSH E3
High-pivot window VGH E3
L-shaped window - PVC
L-shaped window - wood
Flat roof window PGX A1


In order to obtain the CE mark and the declaration of performance,
please write down the numbers from  the data plate of the window and send them to the following address:


The declaration will be sent as soon as possible. Waiting time should not exceed 24 hours,
in the case of working days.

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