Facade windows

After many years of the windows and skylights production, Okpol company extends its offer with the production of facade windows. This decision was dictated by desire to develop, as well as the suggestions of businnes partners satisfied with cooperation. OKPOL always tries to reach the needs of clients, and it was the same this time.

The company's foundation is the high quality of the products offered.
For its confirmation, tests of compliance of products with the strict requirements of European standards are carried out. Okpol invests in equipment and modernization of machine park, and when introducing a new line of products, we take care of proper development of the production hall intended for this purpose.



  • optimal thermal insulation
  • glazing units 24-48 mm
  • attractive design
  • effective noise reduction
  • anti-burglary protection  RC2


  • optimal thermal insulation
  • glazing units 24-56 mm
  • perfect static
  • additional middle gasket
  • durability and comfort of use


Okpol company takes care of every detail of offered products, joinery is produced in the V-PERFECT technology, which enables close to perfect performance in welding of windows and doors corners made of PVC.

The authority of component manufacturers and the craftsmanship of their products, combined with the attributes of the V-PERFECT technology results in the highest quality of windows and doors produced by OKPOL.

The classic white

Elegant white window is very popular. Smooth surface of the profiles is easy to care for, resistant to changing weather conditions and guarantees durable, pleasant aesthetic.

Foil decor - uniform

The available uniform colours of foil decor are elegant, with a silk structure of the surface. It's a pleasant to touch and easy to clean. The optics of the metallic colors correspond to that of brushed metal, thanks to the use of unique metallic pigments.

Foil decor - wooden structure

You can choose a decor foil with a wood-like structure on the outside, inside or both sides. This allows the windows to match the interior or make them almost invisible. All decor foil have a particularly elegant outer surface structure.


New covering of the outer surface of PVC profiles with the proCoverTec coating with innovative technology combines functionality with durability and aesthetics. The proCoverTec surface is extremely fitted and uniform. Silky matt aesthetic give the window profiles a noble appearance and a pleasant-to-touch surface. It optimally protects window profiles and the adhesion of dirt particles is minimized. The proCoverTec offers 22 unique colors. It is possible to choose a one-sided outside coating or a full colour coverage.


Oferujemy okna wyłącznie Partnerom Handlowym w związku z czym nie posiadamy w ofercie usługi montażu. Zapytania ofertowe na okna z usługą montażu nie będą przez nas rozpatrywane. W takich przypadkach prosimy o kontakt z firmami oferującymi takie usługi.


Windows are made of profiles by the German company - Profine. Winkhaus fittings are used to finish the joinery. Glazing units are invariably from Vitroterm Murów company. Hinges of the German company Dr Hann are installed in the external doors. Structures with an aluminum threshold, on the other hand, contain solutions from the German company Alumaster.