For architects

Among the materials - DWG files that can be freely used in architectural designs.

3D models

To download 3d models (dwg files), click on the appropriate window model:

Centre-pivot windows

ISO (zip)
IGOV (zip)


Top-hung windows

ISK (zip)
IGKV (zip)



Roof skylights

WVD+ (zip)
WVM+ (zip)
ISW (zip)
IGWX (zip)


Flat roof windows

PGX A1 (zip)
PGX B1 (zip)

PGX A1 LED (zip)
PGX A4 (zip)
PGX A5 (zip)


PGC A1 (zip) 

PGM A1 (zip)


Roof window with EPDM

IGX F1 RESET (zip)