Internal accessories

High temperatures, although they are very pleasent, can be annoying at the same time. Especially on the attic, when the sun is peeking through the roof window all day long. It heats then not only the room but a lot of objects which properties can be damaged because of the sun rays. Having the control on the daylight, it is worth to provide the roof window with functional covers. They will be helpful during the work on the computer (getting rid of the reflections and exposure of the screen), cool down the room, save the privacy or as an addition in some interior arrangement. Internal roller blinds are made of the fading and stretching resistant fabrics. In spite of the long exposure to sunlight, they don’t change their properties. External roller blinds however, they are additional protection against possible burglary, excessive noise and during the winter, they make the roof window heat insulation better.

What makes our accessories unique?

  • Roller blinds are ideal for the children’s room. Darkened interior allows the child to take a nap during the day.
  • We are inspired by nature of its colours and textures.
  • All accessories are users-friendly. Most of them you can install by yourself, according to included instruction.
  • External blinds are operated by remote control. One click can make room dark and quiet.
  • The fabrics used in the production of MULTISTOP, DECOMATIC and CLASSIC roller blinds are OEKO-TEX certified. It confirms that the materials are safe for human health.
  • Enjoy your roller blinds without any fear. For all accessories we give 2 years guarantee.
    Details about the guarantee policy available at

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