Roof windows accessories

Okpol roof window accessories successfully combine functional and utility values with an attractive decorative form. We present external and internal accessories, assembly and window maintenance accessories. 

Roller shutters, insect screens and awning blinds – protection against the sun and insects.

Original Okpol roof window covers guarantee a feeling of optimal comfort of using the attic. They provide control over the amount of incoming light, thus allowing for an atmospheric lighting arrangement or complete darkening of the room. We recommend electrically operated pleated blinds and multistop blinds that enable smooth adjustment of the amount of light. External roller shutters guarantee 100% darkening of the interior and increase the safety of the building. The offer also includes awnings, designed to protect against all kinds of insects. Mounted to the window recess, they ensure a good night’s sleep, especially for the youngest. The easy-to-use mosquito net allows air and light to pass freely, without disturbing the views outside the window. Unbearable temperature is a common problem that prevents the fully comfortable use of attic rooms, especially in summer. Awning blinds are perfect alternatives to air conditioning. A practical curtain is mounted on the outside of the window, thanks to which it effectively absorbs the sun’s rays and protects the glass from excessive heating.
The 195 cm long telescopic rod, available in the offer, will facilitate easy operation of roller shutters and awnings, mounted out of reach of the hand.

Window automatic – comfort of use roof windows

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with window automation. Electric drives for windows are more and more often used not only in modern commercial buildings, but also in residential buildings.
Such solutions can be used in windows already installed in the roof materials. When a power source is possible, electric window automation is the ideal choice. The set includes: electrical chain actuator, rain sensor, wallswitch and remote control. 

Installation accessories

Our offer also included a extension curb necessary for installing a window on a flat roof. It is used in the case of insulated roofs and green roofs, as well as when the window must be set higher than the
standard. The PVC frame is fully weatherproof, maintenance-free and available in custom sizes. The vapour-permeable underfelt flashing, made of a highly permeable roof membrane. It guarantees the correct connection of the window with the vapor-permeable foil on the roof. Due to the tight connection with the roof membrane, it improves the anti-moisture insulation. Insulating foam fills the gap between the window frame and the roof structure. In this way, it prevents the formation of thermal bridges leading to heat loss. 

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