Automatic window control systems can be used with windows that are already installed in the roof. Depending on the power supply option, the following solutions are available:
electric automatic window control – where electrical power is available,

Elecric control:

ASE230 electric chain actuator Output voltage 230V.

Extension control of 24 and 36 cm.
Max. power consumption of 2W.
Absorbed current 1.30 A.

No load speed 8 mm/s
IP protection degree: IP30.
Double chain made of steel.

Siłownik-elektryczny-do-okna-dachowego Electric control
ASE 230 control centre Output voltage 230V.
Max. power consumption of 2W.
Absorbed current 1.30 A.
1 control output for actuator.
1 actuator connection.
Connection of the ADD rain detector.
Remote control (AP4 remote).
Dimensions: 87x53x32 mm.
ACR-230 Electric control
Rain detector ADD Triggers automatic closing of the window when the sensor detects rain.
The sensor will not react to fog, ice, dew or moisture
czujniki-ADW-i-ADD Electric control
Wall switch AWN Włącznik-naścienny-do-sterowania-oknem-dachowym Electric control
Remote AP4 Remote control (AP4). pilot-do-sterowania-oknem-dachowym Electric control


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