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Kontrola-światła External roller shutters
The blind controls the amount of light entering the room and provides partial shading of the room at any time of the day.


100-procent-zaciemnienia External roller shutters
In the summer it offers protection against excessive light and heat, and in the winter it increases thermal insulation, keeping the heat in. Makes it easier to control temperature in the loft.


Roleta-zewnętrzna External roller shutters
By providing efficient insulation from the outside noise, it you the desired peace and quiet at night.


Types of roller:

ARZS – solar control of the blind. The blind with solar control can be operated without the supply of electrical power. Such a solution allows for wireless installation of the blind. ARZE – electric control of the blind. The blind moves freely and in an unlimited way, so you have a full control of its position. Additionally, it can be combined with control units of popular smart control systems. ARZM – manual control of the blind. Operated with a crank. The roller shutters can only be operated when the window is open.
ARZS External roller shutters ARZM_ARZE_ External roller shutters ARZM_ARZE_ External roller shutters
ARZS roller shutter switchARZS-włącznik External roller shutters ARZE roller shutter switchARZE-włącznik External roller shutters ARZM roller shutter crankARZM-korba External roller shutters

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