IGX-reset-2-292x300 IGX F1 RESET


IGX F1 RESET    4-glazed window with rubber flashing

Rubber flashing RESET is complitely newly product on window woodwork market. It is totally resistant for streching, mechanical damages, weather conditions.
This flashing can be used to almost all roof coverings. Installation of IGX F1 RESET takes only 15 min and is very safe – the roofer will not hurt himself with gum, while it can happen in case of sharp edges of aluminium flashing. The mounting angle is possible from 5 till 90 st. This window has 40% more light then standard one and is super-energy saving – the U value of the window is Uw = 0,79 W/m2K. Thanks to the rubber flashing, the attic is quiet, while raining, one can not hear the noise caused by drops or hail onto the flashing like it was in case of aluminium version. Safe glazing packet P2A consists of 4 glasses, including 2 laminated panes, and the Ug 0,5 W/m2K. Except usability, the window has aesthetic and modern design both inside and outside.


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