ISC-w-zespoleniu-schody_xs-265x265 ISC2 I22


ISC2 I22 – The contactless control via remote control or wall switch makes the window with electric motor an ideal solution for places that are normally quite difficult to access. A special rain and wind sensor closes the window automatically whenever it detects any heavy wind or rain and makes the window incredibly functional.




UW ISC2 I22 U-value of window
1,06 W/m²K
UG ISC2 I22 U-value of glass
0,7 W/m²K
I2-02-300x300 ISC2 I22 glazing unit I22 – triple glazed, noble gas – argon
2x warm spacer, 2x low emission coat
SZYBA-HARTOWANA ISC2 I22 toughened pane
STOLARKA_DREWNO_3x ISC2 I22 wooden profiles bonded in layers
triple coated
USZCZELKA ISC2 I22 gaskets
4 gaskets
NEO-VENT2 ISC2 I22 air inlet
KLAMKA-Z-KLUCZYKIEM ISC2 I22 handle with the lock
NAROZNIKI2 ISC2 I22 mounting corner
KAT-15-90_7 ISC2 I22 roof pitch
15-90 degrees



Installation accessories

Internal accessories

External accessories