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Plisowanka-klimat P40T
Effective protection against excessive sunlight is the main advantage of pleated blinds. Light diffusing fabric ensures a unique atmosphere in the room. A vast palette of colours and fabrics will allow you to finish any interior: classic, modern, romantic or experimental.


Plisowanka-materiał P40T
Blinds are made of polyester. Thanks to the low-crease formula, the fabric will not lose its aesthetic look over time. Moreover, the fabric is also waterproof and antistatic.


Plisowanka-prowadnice P40T
The system of guiding rails used in the blinds guarantees their faultless operation. Guide rails are available in white and silver. They can be fitted in windows made of either PVC or wood.


In case of any doubts, please contact our advisor or send a message at: export@okpol.com.

Available colours

Wzornik-kolorów-plisowanka P40T