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Spherline_baner_page-265x265 PGX 6 SPHERLINE

PGX B6 Spherline is equipped with a spherical glass. Thanks to the dome, which forms the glass, more light comes through the window, and indoors is much more lightened than in the case of typical flat roof windows. The special rounding also facilitates the drainage of water, snow and dirt from the surface of the glass. It is the world’s first flat roof window with integrated spherical glass. The vast majority of market proposals offers only domes made of acrylic or policarbonate. Spherline on the roof and inside the room looks amazing!





Glazing type Profile:

multi-chambered PVC V
white profile V
PU-foam filling V
maintainance free V
weather conditions resistant V
available in non-standard sizes V
roof pitch 0-15o


U-value of glazing Ug = 1,0 W/m2K
gas argon
laminated inner pane V
external toughened pane V
low-emission coat V
warm spacer x2


Available Blinds Colours

kolory-rolet-plisowanych-płaski-dach-EN-scaled PGX 6 SPHERLINE