WVD+ 80×80

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szyba_hartowana_w_oknach WVD+ 80x80 glazing unit
toughened pane
(protection against hail)
stolarka WVD+ 80x80 profile type
engineered pine wood
kołnierz-AKP WVD+ 80x80 increased damp proofing properties thanks to a tighter connection of the skylight with the membrane
integrated underfelt collar
otwieranie-LP WVD+ 80x80 enables the  sashes opening direction to be changed from left to right even after  installing the skylight
Butyl-w-fartuchu-ołowianym WVD+ 80x80 provides waterproof and  firm  connection with the roofing
lead apron with EPDM
rynna-odwadn WVD+ 80x80 improves the isolation by draining the damp beyond  the skylights outline
rain gutter
wspornik-dachówki1 WVD+ 80x80 simplifies  instalation of the skylight into the roof
roof tile bracket
rozpórka WVD+ 80x80 prevents the sash form slamming
opening stop
klin-uszcz WVD+ 80x80 seals the side connetions of the skylight with the roof
sealing wedges
uchwyt WVD+ 80x80 3 position lock
kołnierz-uszcz WVD+ 80x80 ensures waterproof installation into the roof
integrated integrated flashing
kąt-mont-15-65 WVD+ 80x80 roof pitch
15-65 degrees


wyjscie-na-dach-e1413364017483 WVD+ 80x80

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Glazing unit in window
Outer pane
Roof pitch
Roof tile bracket
Opening stop
Chimney flashing
Integrated flashing
Sponge seals
Rain gutter
Lead apron