WVR-.-254x300 WVR V6 - double glazingRoof  wooden skylight, double glazing – with integrated flashing EPDM, for non residental and unheated rooms.

// Aluminium frame

// EPDM flashing with colour RAL 7016






PAKIET%20SZYBOWY WVR V6 - double glazing glazing unit
external toughened pane
(safety during hail) inner laminated pane  P2A
STOLARKA_DREWNO_8 WVR V6 - double glazing joinery
impregnated pine wood
KO%C5%81NIERZ%20AKP WVR V6 - double glazing improves anti-humidity insulation thanks to the tighter connection with existing roofing felt
integrated flashing EPDM, aluminium frame, EPDM flashing in colour  RAL 7016
ZMIENNY%20KIER.OTW.SKRZ WVR V6 - double glazing interchangeable sash opening direction. From right to the left side.
even after installation of the skylight.
BUTYL%20NA%20WEW.%20POW.%20FAR. WVR V6 - double glazing ensures exact fit of the apron
integrated EPDM flashing with lead apron
RYNNA%20ODWADNIAJ%C4%84CA WVR V6 - double glazing drainage of condensate from the vapor barrier membrane
the drainage gutter
WSPORNIK%20DACH%C3%93WKI WVR V6 - double glazing correct and aesthetic assembly of the roof
tile support wedge
OGRANICZNIK%20ZAMKNI%C4%98CIA%20SKRZYD%C5%81A WVR V6 - double glazing at full opening 90
prevent the sash from slamming
KLIN%20USZCZELNIAJ%C4%84CY_9 WVR V6 - double glazing seals the side joints of skylight with the roof
sealing wedges EPDM
UCHWYT%20OTWARCIA WVR V6 - double glazing 3-stepped  air access adjustment
the handle for opening sash
KO%C5%81NIERZ%20USZCZELNIAJACY_7 WVR V6 - double glazing tight installation on the roof tile
integrated flashing with EPDM
K%C4%84T%2015-75_10 WVR V6 - double glazing roof pitch




wyjscie-na-dach-e1413364017483 WVR V6 - double glazing

Additional information

Glazing unit in window

Outer pane



handle locking the sash in 3 positions

Roof tile bracket


Opening stop


Chimney flashing


Integrated flashing


Sponge seals


Rain gutter