Roof windows

Our roof windows are functional, elegant and available in many different sizes. Our products enable enlightenment of diverse house areas. We take advantage of best technologies. By use of strengthened fixtures and toughened panes our products are damage-resistant on highest level.

Depending on requirements and clients needs there is a wide range of products. You can choose between top-hung, top-hinge, center-pivot and many others offered in wood and PVC. Our windows are characterized by high weather resistance and great heat-insulation parameters.

We are well-known for introducing innovative technologies which provide our clients with safety, esthetic interior and ease of usage.


PVC windows

Produced via the SuperThermo energysaving technology, made from PVC, mastered at every angle. The PVC windows group is designed for highly humid rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms. The 130mm thick window frame is a solid base for the whole construction.Carpentry was made from multi-chambered PVC profiles supported with steel profiles and filled with PU foam in order to improve windows' thermal insulation.



Wooden windows 



The construction of wooden windows produced via SuperThermo technology not only acquires the solid and stable impregnated pine wood carpentry, but also is one of the most modern solutions
for outdoor flashings. The innovative design connecting aluminum and PVC elements emphasizes the roof aesthetics and maintains the increased tightness and thermal insulation of the wndow.