Automatic window control

Automatic window control

ACR-230-265x207 Automatic window controlACR230 CONTROL UNIT:
• voltage supply 230V
• connection with single motor 230V ASE230
• wind sensor ADD connection
• remote control (AP4)



czujniki-ADW-i-ADD-265x265 Automatic window controlADD RAIN DETECTOR:
• automatically closes the window whenever the sensor gets wet
• insensitive for fog, icing, dew and humidity




awn-300x247 Automatic window control AWN WALL SWITCH




pilot-do-sterowania-oknem-dachowym-265x234 Automatic window controlAP4 REMOTE CONTROL:

  •  radio remote control (4 channels)



Siłownik-elektryczny-do-okna-dachowego-265x238 Automatic window controlCHAIN ACTUATOR ASE 230:

for opening and closing the windows
• voltage supply or 230V ASE 230
• stroke 24 and 36 cm
• absorbed current 0,12A
• speed 8 mm/s
• time of idle stroke: 46s
• double insulated (360mm)
• protection class: IP30
• double steel chain installed at the bottom of the frame