New line of RESET products



New generation of roof products is far ahead and sets new standard in design!

The extraordinary aesthethics of the exposed glass in an indiscernible, solid aluminum frame fits in with the futuristic trends in construction.

The appearance of the product characterizes the aesthetic of an uniform, smooth glass pane, which makes the visual aspect of the roof extremely attractive.

Innovative technology breaks down the barriers of solutions and provides: design, functionality, safety.

Aluminum frame and EPDM are protected against UV (in anthracite colour RAL 7016.


Previously used aluminum flashing is replaced by high quality EPDM material, which is water-tight, flexible and resistant to weather conditions.

One type of EPDM flashing is compatibility with most of type the roofs. Material the EPDM is made from has a special feature of noise reduction when compared to the aluminium (e.g. - during rain or hail.

The RESET line products are protected against UV.


The EPDM flashing is a complete novelty in the window joinery market. It is totally resistant to streching, mechanical damages, weather conditions.

Safety, external glazing unit with internal laminated pane will provide resistance to hail or breaking.

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  • Compatibility with most type of the roofs:
  • Roof pitch 5 - 75 degree - WVR V8 , 15 - 75 degree - WVR V6
  • Kombi gratis
  • Highest resistance
  • The quickest installation - 15 min