Function of the flashing installed in roof windows

The flashing is an indispensable element that allows the correct installation of the window in the roof materials. Its purpose is to permanently and tightly connect the window with the roofing material. Protects against heat loss in the attic, and thus – throughout the building.
Effectively drains water and snow outside the window and protects it against wind.

Sealing flashings should be used for all roof windows, including centre-pivot windows, with increased axis of rotation, tilt and turn windows and window combinations. The uniform style of the flashing allows for easy combination into groups of windows of various designs.

Flashings for roof windows

Okpol offers many types of sealing flashings made of durable aluminum sheet, properly protected with polyester against the harmful effects of weather conditions. The sealing wedge together with the lead apron ensure good adhesion of the flashing, while the drainage gutter is responsible for removing the condensed water vapor.

Flashings in the offer.

Due to the variety of roofing materials, sealing flashings for roof windows are divided depending on the type of roofing and application. Standard flashings allow the window to be installed in the most popular types of roofing – flat, profiled and highly profiled. The offer is complemented by universal flashings for flat and profiled windows. It is possible to order a flashing in a different color.

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