Installation instructions

                   Instruction    PDF
Instruction PDF
Centre - pivot windows document
Top-hung windows document
Flat roof window document
Skylights VERSA WVD+ i WVM+ document
Roller blind D33 document
External roller shutters document
Insect screen AMO document
Awning blind AMW document
Awning blind AMZ document
Underfelt collar AKP document
Insulation band UTB document
Insulating film document
Chain actuator ASE document
Air inlet Slot-Air document
Peripheral seal USC document
Skylights document
Skylight EURO document
L-shaped windows KDN and IKDN document
L-shaped windows KDU and IKDU document
Kombi flashings document
Skylights  WVM, WVD document
Electric control window VSC/ISC document

Service and maintenance

Cleaning the windows

To clean the outer pane, rotate the casement by 180° and:
- in a fully reversible window: push the slider into the socket located at the bottom of the frame
- in a tilt and slide window: push the casement bolts into the frame sockets

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Cleaning the flashings

Remove leaves and other dirt from the flashings at least once a year, in order to guarantee proper rainwater draining.

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Preservation of wood

The windows are impregnated and painted as standard. Treat windows with surfactants after three years of use and then every three years. Do not paint gaskets and fittings.


Lubrication of hinges

Lubricate hinges with grease twice a year.