Roof windows

Roof windows – for special tasks
Roof windows are solution commonly used in modern construction, because they effectively illuminate the attic, provide ventilation and view outside. Depending on the development of the space and customer expectations, it is possible to properly adjust the roof windows. Their versatility in use and ease of installation make them a popular product in residental construction.
Available types of roof windows

We offer our clients a wide range of roof windows. Due to the way of opening, we can distinguish centre-pivot and top hung windows. An interesting proposition are L-shaped windows, constituting an extension of the roof window, intended for installation on the roof without an eaves. The offer also includes roof skylights, enabling free and safe access to the roof for repair and maintenance works. This category includes tilt and hatch access skylights models.
Parameters of windows installed in the roof slope
Okpol roof windows are products of the highest quality that are durable, energy-saving, safe to use and convenient to use.

Among the roof windows there are models made of wood and PVC, equipped with a double-glazed or triple-glazed unit.

The offered windows can also be equipped with an electric opening and closing mechanism – especially useful when they are placed far beyond the reach of the user standing on the floor.

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