Roof skylights allow for quick, free and safe access to the roof carry out chimney, installation or maintenance works. Depending on the type of room located in the attic (heated or unheated), we can install a suitable type of the skylight – for habitable or non-habitable areas. An additional function of the roof skyligths is the possibility of providing illumination and airing the interior. Construction law regulations dictate whether the roof skylight will be included in the house design. 
Skylight with EPDM flashing
VERSA RESET WVR V8 skylight is a new version of popular Versa skylights improved by integrated EPDM flashing and 3-glazing unit with external toughened pane and internal laminated pane (anti-burglary unit).

VERSA RESET WVR V8 is equipped with tile support wedge, the drainage gutter, sash closing limiter(at full opening 90 degree) the handle for opening the sash, the chimney sweep rail and brackets for quick installation in roofing material. EPDM flashing enables safe installation.Interchangeable sash opening direction – from right to left side, even after the installation.

VERSA RESET WVR V8 is the only skylight integrated with EPDM, which can be installed on the roof pitch from 5 o to 75o, also in combining – using one type of flashing.
A wide range of roof skylights
In this category, we want to show you the available roof skylights models. Among them you can find models that open manually, equipped with an ergonomic handle.
The windows offer varies depending on the way of opening. Here we can find hatch window, hatch-high-axle models and side-opening hinges skylights. Our proposed roof hatches are made of PVC or impregnated wood, they gain resistance to moisture and show better thermal insulation parameters. Roof skylights are available in several sizes, which allows them to be easily adapted to the roof structure.

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