Flat roof windows

Flat roofs are a great trend in modern construction. Windows for flat roofs fit the trend with design and functionality. Their main task is to give your room as much light as possible.

What are the flat roof windows made of?

OKPOL flat roof windows are highly insulated, easy to use and maintenance free. What is more, they are incredibly resistant to adverse weather onditions. The PVC material that is used in production makes those windows amazingly practical – there is no maintainance needed. Thanks to the additional PU-oam filling they provide comfort and warmth to your attic.

Flat roof window types

We offer you electrically opening, fixed, factory fitted LEDs flat rooflight and WALK-ON windows. Our SpherLine is a world first spherical roof light and is proving to be a real winner.

What are the flat roof windows sizes?

We offer 12 standard sizes of our flat roof windows, but we can also adjust the shape and size to suit your own preferences – we also offer a made to measure service to suit your requirements.

Why should you install windows on a flat roof?

they lighten the room better than any other glazing type,
they light up even the darkest corners where installation of a vertical window is impossible.
openable windows provide the fresh air circulation without causing drafts,
they help decrease the humidity level in your house,
they create a wow factor and add value to your home,
they provide the smoke extraction in the kitchens,
they enable the water vapour drainage in the bathrooms,
they wake you up with an energetic sunlight in the bedrooms,
make you feel good thanks to so much sunlight entering your house,

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