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PGM-klatka-schod_1-kopia-265x2651-1 PGM A1 MANUAL OPENING


PGM A1 window with a opening sash, opening up to 24 cm height is a perfect solution for highly humid rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. As every flat roof window from our catalogue, PGC A1 is made from water resistant PVC, but its additional value in favour of using it in “wet rooms” is the airing possibility. The air circulation takes place without any persisten drafts – the air smoothly enters the room. The window is equipped with a rain sensor – whenever the sensor detects the rain, it automatically closes the window. It’s resistant to mist, freezing, dew and humidity. PGC A1 is remotely controlled.








Glazing type Profile:

multi-chambered PVC V
white profile V
PU-foam filling V
maintainance free V
weather conditions resistant V
available in non-standard sizes V
roof pitch 2-15o


U-value of glazing Ug = 1,0 W/m2K
gas argon
laminated inner pane V
external toughened pane V
low-emission coat V
warm spacer V


Available Blinds Colours

kolory-rolet-plisowanych-płaski-dach-EN-scaled PGM A1 MANUAL OPENING