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PGX-A5-taras1_-265x265 PGX A5 WALK-ON



PGX A5 is the most durable window in our offer.
The special glazing unit is incredibly load-bearing and load-resistant. Such construction makes walking on a window possible. To ensure your safety we use a cameo dot non slip coating. PGX A5 will function perfectly as unction perfectly to lighten your room and maximse the functional space on your roof garden. It can be used for green roofs as well and give the owners of the flat roofs new arranging possibilities.






Glazing type Profile:

multi-chambered PVC V
white profile V
PU-foam filling V
maintainance free V
weather conditions resistant V
available in non-standard sizes V
roof pitch 2-15o


U-value of glazing Ug = 1,0 W/m2K
gas argon
laminated inner pane V
toughened pane x3
low-emission coat V
warm spacer V





Available Blinds Colours

kolory-rolet-plisowanych-płaski-dach-EN-scaled PGX A5 WALK-ON