IGOV-łazienka_flat-1-265x265 IGOV N23 (PVC)

IGOV N23 – The most advanced offer to our customers in the subject of energy-saving centre-pivot PVC windows are models equipped with triple-glazed unit and warm spacer. We combined high thermal parameters with convenience of use. The Neo-Vent ventilator placed inside the frame and the handle with a key lock and micro-ventilation function enable the efficient air stream regulation both summer and winter. The low emission coat maximizes the profits from the sunlight. PVC windows do not need any maintainance.


UW IGOV N23 (PVC) U-value of window
0,83 W/m²K
UG IGOV N23 (PVC) U-value of glass
0,5 W/m²K
N23-03-300x300 IGOV N23 (PVC) glazing unit N23 – triple glazed, noble gas – argon
2x warm spacer, 2x low emission coat
SZYBA-HARTOWANA IGOV N23 (PVC) toughened pane
P2A IGOV N23 (PVC) safety glass P2A class
STOLARKA_PVC_9 IGOV N23 (PVC) foam filled multi-chamber white PVC profiles
maintenance free
4 seals
NEO-VENT2 IGOV N23 (PVC) air inlet
KLAMKA-Z-KLUCZYKIEM IGOV N23 (PVC) handle with the lock
ExtraSecure, micro-ventilation
NAROZNIKI2 IGOV N23 (PVC) mounting corner
KAT-15-90_7 IGOV N23 (PVC) roof pitch
15-90 degrees



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